Sunday, January 5, 2020

20 New Year's Resolutions for 2020

This year I'm deciding to do something I have never done before, and that is actually complete a New Year's resolution. I know it sounds quite pathetic that in 18 years of existing I've never been able to finish even one resolution, but I always got too busy! Or disinterested! Or frustrated that I couldn't complete it within 1 week of setting it and deciding that if I couldn't do it within a week I could never do it! ....I really need to work on that now or never attitude...

So as we are entering a new decade, and as I'm still trying to shake off the directionless feeling I mentioned in my first post, I figured now was the time to really push myself and see if I can actually do this. However, being the stupidly ambitious overachiever I am, I thought why not stop at one, two, or five resolutions? I am going to attempt to complete 20 resolutions for 2020, which ought to make up for the absence of previous resolutions...

What are my resolutions?

To be completely honest with you all, I didn't actually know what I wanted to achieve this year until after the new year had begun. But I figured it was better late than never, and actually getting to think about my resolutions over these past five days means I'm hopefully more likely to stick to them over a haphazardly decided resolution made within the final 20 seconds of the new year countdown. These are a mix of lifestyle goals, physical goals, academic goals, and mental goals (does mental goals even make sense? You'll see what I mean).

  1. Above all else, prioritise mental health: 2019 was a pretty draining year for me and has left me entering the new year feeling exhausted. A large part of that came from me sacrificing my mental health in order to balance a busy life of exams, work, relationships and hobbies. This year I want to be radical in the priority of my mental health, and I have a few posts in the works relating to this resolution.
  2. Smash my A-levels: I can't think of anything more on brand for me than to talk about how academics affected my mental health and then immediately write about my aspirations for A-levels. Although I am making sure I don't burn out this year, I do still want to do really well in my A-levels, or at the very least get the grades needed for university (which should be ABB all being well).
  3. Keep on improving at pole: A hobby of mine that has not yet been discussed on this blog is pole dancing! I started 5 months ago and absolutely adore it, and I hope to keep going throughout the year and get better and better.
  4. Read 12 books this year: When I see people making videos about reading 100 books a year I can't help but feel like my resolution is a little bit silly. However! Since pretty much the start of my GCSEs I have really struggled to read as many books as I used to, so I figured one book a month was a completely realistic goal.
  5. Keep this blog going! Like I mentioned in my first post, I've created a couple blogs in the past but nothing ever really came about from them. This year I want to put more time and effort into constantlycaitlin and really try and make something of it. Okay now here are 5 mini-resolutions linked to this blog. 
  6. Write book reviews: This should become easier if I meet my book reading resolution.
  7. Write film reviews: As an avid foreign film fan I would love to share my favourite German films.
  8. Write about my travels: In store this year are two trips to Germany and hopefully a few stops elsewhere in Europe.
  9. Study SEO and get more user interaction on my blog.
  10. Try to reach 500 views on my blog: I suppose this is a resolution kind of out of my control, but at the same time the more effort I put into it, the better the outcome should be.
  11. Do my bit for the environment: It's an undeniable fact that climate change is real (and if you think otherwise kindly exit my blog) so I want to make sure I'm trying to reduce my plastic waste, energy consumption, fast fashion etc.
  12. Practice kindness: Not much to explain about this one, I just want to work on being a kinder person.
  13. Practice mindfulness with my emotions: To put it bluntly, I cry too much. The slightest inconvenience and those flood gates are open. This year I want to work on recognising when I am getting worked up, too tired, or too hungry and learn to control the situation before the situation controls my emotions.
  14. Stop spending as recklessly as I currently do: At the moment retail therapy is a necessity for me, this year I want to try and end each month with at least £50 in my bank account.
  15. Save up for a new laptop: In the same vein as the previous resolution, my financial irresponsibility has meant that saving up for expensive items has been a real struggle. To help this I'm setting myself a goal of a new laptop to try and help put my pennies away.
  16. Go out and socialise more: This resolution has gotten off to a great start if the hangover I had this morning is anything to go by...
  17. Learn to say no: I have a habit of being a bit of a people pleaser, and many times last year I ended up doing things I hated just to not let people down. This year I will try to prioritise myself.
  18. Be friendly with food: I've always been in a battle with food during my teenage years and even now, getting stressed out by certain foods if they're not healthy enough or I've not done enough exercise to work it off, yet at the same time binging like there's no tomorrow (logic? anyone?). I don't want to let food control me this year, I need to let myself learn its okay to indulge in yummy food, as well as knowing there's a limit to how much I should snack.
  19. Make the most of my start at university: I've always found it hard to make new friends and adapt to new places, but I most certainly do not want to end up hiding in my room during freshers, so this resolution is here to motivate me and push myself out of my comfort zone.
  20. Complete at least one of these resolutions: Loophole! The majority of these resolutions aren't the be all and end all if I fail to complete them, and although I am setting myself this challenge I won't be too disheartened if I fail to achieve all of them. So this resolution is here to ensure I'm proud of completing at least one (two technically) of my many resolutions. 

Realistic? Not at all.

I am entering 2020 fully aware that likely I won't meet all of these targets, but setting these goals are great for two reasons. One, they are helping me by pointing me in some kind of direction for this year, and two, they will be great to look back on in a years time and see what I valued/prioritised for this year compared to the next. So fingers crossed and hopefully I'll be writing a part two in 2021!


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