Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dear Diary: No jobs, no A-levels, what the f*ck do I do now? (#2)

Hello everyone, in all honesty I've tried writing this entry for the last two months, but no witty opening line can seem to fully grasp the sheer what the fuck-ness of this situation. 

This time in March I was a student preparing for her A-level exams and saving up her wages as a swim teacher for summer travels in Germany. Now I have £80 to my name, I'm sleeping in till 2 and have done nothing but catch up on the last 3 seasons of drag race (arguably the most positive thing to come out of my situation so far). 

Being completely transparent, this has been a major set back in terms of mental health. I have certainly wanted to return to writing as my healthy release, but it's taken a long time (...2 months to be precise) to get to the right stage of energy and motivation to make a start. This diary entry is simply just a little check in to make the start in getting myself back together.

What do I want to do now?

Like with all my attempts at productivity before, I find it's good to start a to-do list. But by having it on here instead I feel it adds an extra level of accountability to complete what I set out to do. So here is what I'd like to achieve by September:
  1. Start writing some more articles on here
  2. Keep up with my German
  3. Make my first youtube video (eek!)
  4. Carry on trying to learn Russian
  5. Use my new pole to stay fit and strong (an article coming on that soon)
Though it's a small list, it's a start, and one I hope that will carry me through to the beginning of my long-awaited studies at Edinburgh (assuming Miss Rona doesn't put a hold on that as well).

Hope you are staying safe lovelies x


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