Saturday, July 11, 2020

(Another) Second-hand Book Haul

Hello everyone, after a boring week of dealing with one or two Weicheier I decided to treat myself to some more books. Yes, I did just buy 4 books last week. No, I haven't finished them all. Yes, I have 20 more books on my shelf still unread. Yes, I am aware I have terrible spending habits. Moving swiftly on...

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

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Starting with the cheapest book, which was an unbelievable £3, I was absolutely gagged when I saw this edition of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. For those who don't know/can't tell by the cover, this is part of the Penguin's Classics Philosophy Collection (shown below), all of which have a beautiful cloth for their covers. With £7 knocked off from the original price, and the book in near enough brand-new condition, I was absolutely amazed to see it sitting on the shelf. I'd definitely love to collect a few more of these editions as they are absolutely stunning

Penguin Classics Philosophy Set | Penguin classics, Book series design,  Philosophy books

The Logic Manual - Volker Halback

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At £6 this book was a little more pricey, and actually one I put back on the shelf last week in order to be able to afford the two books on Kant instead. However, I had definitely considered going back to get it, and when I saw that logic and reasoning was one of my compulsory modules at Edinburgh, I took that as a final confirmation that I needed this book. Rather embarrassingly, I made an absolute tit of myself at my Oxford interview trying to comprehend the logic puzzles I'd been given. All the symbols and numbers blurred into one under the intensity of the situation. It was a complete and utter shit show that still causes me to cringe whenever I think about it. Though the lecturer was kind enough to walk me through the logic puzzles afterwards, I have avoided them ever since! So this is definitely one book to read over the summer to ensure I don't make that much of a fool of myself again at university - does the fact it's published by Oxford University Press give me some sort of extra special redemption?
Identity & Identification

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I'll be honest, purchasing this final book was very much a monkey-brain decision. I'm pretty sure the entire thought process went something like "Ooh big book. Weird cover! Pictures! I buy.". At £6.50 (original retail price over £20), this slight impulse purchase hasn't broken the bank. Though more of a coffee table book than an academic one, it certainly contains some really interesting ideas. I've inserted the book's own description as I feel it encapsulates it better than I ever will. 

"Identity & Identification is a challenging exploration of the philosophical, biological, historical and socio-political issues underlying our conception of self and identity. The book is an inspiring attempt to chart the obsessive ways modern and contemporary Western societies have categorised and classified social groups, minorities, and individuals through the adoption of often dubious techniques, from the fascinating yet discredited experiments of the phrenologist Franz Joseph Gall, to the latest scientific breakthroughs such as DNA profiling." 

A weird philosophy book with pictures? He's my type on paper. 

Hope you all enjoyed this mini-haul! And thank you so much for all the views on my last, it's gotten way more attention than I expected so I really appreciate that!

Take care x

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