Saturday, July 4, 2020

Second-hand Book Haul!

Hey everyone, I though I'd break the posting hiatus with a little book haul! All of these books are second-hand, and came to a grand total of just under £15.

I don't think I've actually put this on my blog before, but in September I will be studying philosophy and German at either the University of Edinburgh or Liverpool (Edinburgh is my firm, Liverpool my insurance). So I was very excited to see such a great collection of philosophy books in a small second-hand book store called 'Books For All', in my hometown of Harrogate. The three books starting from the right were all purchased there and came to a total of only £8! The legal philosophy book was actually purchased from Ebay, but was also second-hand so I've included that in here too.

Utilitarianism - John Stuart Mill

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Utilitarianism was one of my favourite philosophical ideas studied at A-level, so naturally I grabbed this off the shelf the moment I saw it. Though we quoted both Bentham and Mill's work, it wasn't necessary to read the original source materials (which sounds absurd, but anyone who knows how just how crammed A-level Religious Studies is will understand). This little book was £2.50 and contains Mill's original writings, and a few other various essays surrounding his work. Utilitarianism is a staple in any philosophy degree so I will definitely be back to see if I can find a text on Bentham too.

Kant's Copernican Revolution

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I'm not sure about any other philosophy student, but I find Kant's work absolutely terrifying. This little mini-textbook on Kant looked like a really helpful guide to understanding the context behind Kant and his ideas. At first I thought it was an old school textbook, but because of the Open University logo I'm not too sure. Either way the book seems to be part of a larger collection of introductory texts on philosophers, and if the rest are in equally amazing colours as this lime green cover I hope I can find some more! At £1.50 this was an absolute steal and definitely coming with me to university.

Critique of Practical Reason - Kant

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With the introductory text under my arm, I was clearly feeling invincible in my ability to tackle some Kant, which lead me to also purchasing this book. This book was slightly more expensive than the rest at £4, but still an absolute steal as this book is in immaculate condition. Again, Kant is a philosophy staple so this book will certainly come to university with me, whether it will be read until necessary I'm not too sure.

Legal Philosophies - J. W. Harris

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Though I am studying philosophy and German first, I actually have future ambitions to train as a lawyer after I graduate. One elective I have selected to take at Edinburgh is jurisprudence, which could be simply described as philosophy of law, or the analysis of law as a concept. This is something I find absolutely fascinating so seeing this book on Ebay for a total of £4-something was just too tempting to not buy. Again, for a second-hand book it's condition was almost perfect, yet less than half the cost of a new copy.  This book would be almost perfect if it wasn't for the one line of blue highlight, and a pubic hair falling out of the opening page ....  yes you read that correctly. But for such a great book that's amazingly cheap I will gladly take that minor pitfall.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini-haul! I seriously recommend you have a look in second-hand stores, charity shops or Ebay before you buy a new book, as you never know what little treasures you might find, and how much money you might save!


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