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Beauty Basics Press On Nails Review

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Hey everyone! Today's post is a rather exciting one for me as it's my first time ever reviewing a small business! That business is Jade Allesse's 'Beauty Basics', which sells beautiful handcrafted gel press on nails, alongside decals, transfer foils and a some cute nail care extras. 

I recently wanted to experiment with false nails that were more boujie than what I usually buy (Primark's finest), but as a nail salon virgin with little spending money in my pocket, I wasn't quite ready to leave the comfort zone of my beloved press on nails. 

I stumbled across Beauty Basics under the small business tag on twitter, and with the press ons reasonably priced, the cheapest sets starting at £4, to the most expensive sets at £15, I thought why not and ordered a couple sets - and I am so glad I did!

The packaging

One thing that never fails to amaze me is just how much care small business owners put into the packaging of their products. The parcel took around a week to arrive after purchasing (a completely reasonable amount of time given the nature of the product, and the fact I had selected second class shipping) and I was blown away by the beauty of the presentation.


My purchase arrived beautifully wrapped, with each set accompanied by a styling and application set, as well as an adorable freebie popsocket! 

The application set

I was surprised at just how much came with these nails. Within the application set you got: instructions for application, a cuticle tool, an alcohol wipe, nail glue, nail stickers, a nail file and buffing pad! All of these items were of high quality, and the size of the file and buffing pad was frankly adorable.

The instructions were clear and helpful, and the glue was of good quality. I went days wearing my first set of nails before one came slightly loose (after an unfortunate nail on collision with a door handle), but another small drop of glue under the raised part of the nail quickly fixed that.

Initially, I was sceptical of the adhesive stickers and whether they'd actually work, but to my surprise they were pretty damn strong! Sure, they wouldn't last as long as standard nail glue, but I can see them being perfect for if you want to wear some nails on a night out, and have to take them off in the morning as the stickers leave your nails unscathed.

The nails

Now onto the exciting bit, the nails themselves. The two sets I purchased were 'Starry Night' in size short (only £5!) and 'Frosted Bloom' in size medium coffin (£6).

My photos of these nails do not do them justice for just how beautiful they are.


For press on nails, they are so freaking beautiful. You can tell that they are hand painted, and not some factory printed plastic. Though I have only worn my starry night set (as I am saving the other for an upcoming weekend away) they looked absolutely beautiful on my night out, and completely made the look. 

Despite managing to bugger up my middle nail, leaving about 50ft of landing space between the nail and the nail bed, the rest of the nails looked seamless. This was definitely thanks to the handy instructions, which gave me steps I wouldn't have even thought about doing, such as pushing down my cuticles for a better looking fit.

The quality

Overall the quality was good, the nails didn't look cheap on, and certainly didn't feel cheap when wearing them. I think my only quality control complaint would be just how delicate the frosted bloom decals felt. Though the frosted print looked absolutely stunning, I did end up applying an additional top coat to that set, as I felt the delicate details needed a bit more protection from chips and scratches, which would inevitably happen as my clumsy-ass would be wearing them. 

Despite this teeny tiny negative, the overall aesthetics and quality of these nails just cannot be faulted.

My overall impression

Overall, these two nail sets have been a fantastic first impression of Jade Allesse's Beauty Basics, and I will definitely be returning to buy more! For such a budget friendly price, you are getting a gorgeous set of nails, a great application and care set, and the added bonus of supporting such a wonderful small business and seller!


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