Saturday, August 1, 2020

Shopping Haul (Monki, Paperchase, Flying Tiger + More)

Hello everyone, today I'll be kicking August off with a small shopping haul! I love watching videos/reading hauls especially when there's some great bargains involved. Today I had the pleasure of visiting Newcastle city centre, something I hardly do despite visiting my Grandma nearby every few months or so. Anyway without any further rambling heres what I got. 

(Disclaimer: I'm so sorry for the dreadful camera quality today, the sun disappeared out the sky half way through taking photos - so much for our lovely summer weather!).


'Feelin Badass' Tee - £8

Though most of my clothes come from second-hand sources (because fuck fast fashion!), Monki is a favourite brand that is slowly but surely working it's way into the sustainable category, earning a 'good' on the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report. Though I cannot speak for every item they sell there, their cotton t-shirts are 100% sustainably sourced. I picked up this cute 'Badass' tee for £8 in an XS (I'm a size 10 for reference). Monki clothing is always super quality and I love the little embroidered pear butt!

monki cotton tee t-shirt sustainable review

Women's Lineart Card Holder - £5

The other item I purchased from Monki is this absolutely adorable card holder. Though my grandma wasn't particularly approving of the naked women lineart, this sleek and slim card holder is perfect for holding my debit card, ID, travel card, and a little bit of cash.

Monki fashion card holder


Mix and Match Stationary Set - £6

As I'm always on the hunt for some stationary bargains for uni I was so happy to see this great mix and match offer at Paperchase! There was a variety of colours but I chose pink as that's the theme for my university room. These little pots actually stack together making them much easier to store. I got some pushpins, small bulldog clips and large bulldog clips for £6.

paperchase stationary pink

Mildliner Creative Markers - £8.50

Though I don't write many notes by hand anymore because of my wrist, I do love a nice collection of highlighters for textbooks, lecture notes etc. Mildliners aren't techincally meant for highlighting, but they are just transparent enough to get the job done, and these colours are so unique and beautiful not to use!

These are currently part of a 3 for 2 offer, and at £8.50 a pack I reccommend you make the most of that offer. In my case my sister actually has the other two items.

paperchase pens pink markers

Flying Tiger (named just 'Tiger' at it's Newcastle location)

Charging cable with light - £2.50

I'm a simple creature, I see a charging cable for my phone (notoriously annoying to find) at £2.50. I buy. But it seems this simple creature wasn't born with the ability to read, because I completely missed the bit that said 'with light'... 

Needless to say it was a bit of a surprise to see my charging cable glow purple when I first plugged it in, but it's nice quality, and actually rather pretty.

Eyelash Curler - £3

Flying Tiger has a great little section for cheap beauty items, this eyelash curler is actually one of the gifts for my sister's birthday. Thankfully, she couldn't give less of a shit about this blog so there's no worry of spoiling anything there.

Tissues - 50p each

Not really much to say about this one, just some cute little tissues that are perfect for keeping in my bags.

Tk Maxx

Off the shoulder top - £4.99
Tk Maxx is one of the only "fast fashion" shops I still occasionally buy from, because it is very cheap and arguably more ethical than other fast fashion brands. Here I picked up this cute burnt orange off the shoulder top. I am absolutely obsessed with this colour at the moment and I love this particular top's style. Unfortunately it is slightly damaged along a hem, with a few loose stitches, but that is super easy to fix. 

Acrylic brush holder - £3.99 + e.l.f brush £2.99

For some reason I photographed these two together, probably because they go hand in hand. I've been looking for an acrylic brush holder for a while to go with my other acrylic makeup storage, but I didn't really want to spend around £7.99 somewhere online. It was great to see this on the shelf, as my local Tk Maxx has been pretty depleted. On the way to the checkout I also picked up an elf brush that was on offer. I love the quality of elf brushes and have been meaning to buy another blending brush.


Two set earrings - 3 packs for £10

After recently finding out my second earlobe piercings have infact not healed up, I've wanted to get some cute coordinating pairs. Lovisa seems to always have a sale on, so I'm not exactly sure how much I'm saving here... but either way 6 lovely and good quality pairs of earrings for £10 seems like a deal to me! Gold is my favourite colour metal to wear, despite the fact it doesn't suit me as good as others.

And that's pretty much everything I bought! I hope you enjoyed reading this little haul.

Take care x


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