Sunday, February 14, 2021

[update #2] Psych Appointments and Exam Results

Hello my lovelies,

I'm not really used to writing small posts like this, but there were two things I saw/read recently which motivated me to start treating this blog as a personal diary as well as housing my usual posts.

The first was thanks to one of the main characters in Eliza Clark's 'Boy Parts' (review coming eventually...). This character, called Flo, frequently updated her small blog with the turbulent ups and downs of her friendship with the protagonist. I enjoyed the idea of her blog being a much more personal affair through these updates, something I feel my own blog is currently lacking.

The second person to influence me, although a little strange, was Eliza Lam. A reoccurring element in the Netflix docu-series surrounding her tragic death was her use of Tumblr to help her connect with the world and feel less alone. This really moved me, as I too created my blog in the hopes of feeling less alone and being able to talk about my mental health without the prying eyes of mainstream media. Seeing the wonderful and introspective things she wrote really reignited my desire to do the same.

So here I am, writing stuff.


Friday, February 5, 2021

5 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Hello my loves, today's post is my first ever food related one! Slightly daunting, but I thought I'd start writing posts like this as a way of keeping myself accountable for creating yummy and nourishing meals. I want to get creative and more importantly, comfortable, with what I eat. So I feel like sharing them hopefully motivates and inspires you as much as it does me!

In the nature of encouraging recovery and positive relations with food, none of these recipes or ideas are calorie counted.

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