Friday, February 5, 2021

5 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Hello my loves, today's post is my first ever food related one! Slightly daunting, but I thought I'd start writing posts like this as a way of keeping myself accountable for creating yummy and nourishing meals. I want to get creative and more importantly, comfortable, with what I eat. So I feel like sharing them hopefully motivates and inspires you as much as it does me!

In the nature of encouraging recovery and positive relations with food, none of these recipes or ideas are calorie counted.

A quick side-note, to make these ideas budget friendly I highly recommend planning your breakfasts a week or so in advance, and picking one or two fruits that will work for the majority of them. For example, the first two ideas are from a week where I bought strawberries and bananas as part of my fruit and veg. Strawberries aren't exactly cheap, so its great to plan lots of ways to incorporate them and make the most of them. 

I certainly devote a fair chunk of my budget to more exotic and ergo more pricey fruits - persimmons, pomegranates, lychees etc (which are far cheaper in local green grocers than in supermarkets by the way). However all of these ideas will be super yummy with cheaper fruits like apples, bananas and pears too!

I'm a veggie attempting-to-go-vegan, so all of these recipes bar the pancakes are vegan friendly! 

Idea 1 - Granola, Yoghurt and Fruit Mix! 

Granola with yoghurt and fruit

Granola with yoghurt and fruit is one of my absolute favourite things to eat, it is a meal I'm incredibly comfortable with, and could quite literally eat everyday! The beauty of this is that you can swap different fruits, nuts and yoghurt flavours for endless opportunities.

In this particular bowl I have:
  • Alpro strawberry flavoured soy yoghurt (dairy-free)
  • Strawberries
  • Chia seeds
  • Hazelnut granola
Another great thing about this breakfast is that granola is incredibly budget friendly and super easy to bulk buy. 

Idea 2 - Banana Bagel & Spread 

Banana, bagel and Meridan spread

It's pretty clear what this recipe is by the title alone, but it's a super yummy and filling breakfast. This idea can easily be done on any kind of bread or bagel, and a loaf of bread would certainly go further for the price. I've also made this on a cinnamon and raisin bagel which was amazing. 

The spread I used specifically is Meridan's cocoa and peanut butter spread which is SO. GOOD. It wasn't something I'd usually go for, but as it was on offer in Lidl I took a chance! It doesn't feel as heavy as other spreads like Nutella, and the cocoa with peanut butter is an amazing combo. 

Idea 3 - Rice Cakes with Yoghurt and Fruit 

Rice cakes with yoghurt and pomegranate

This idea came about one morning when I really wasn't feeling up for breakfast, but I was determined to have something. Rice cakes are a food I've certainly had a rocky relationship with, but I feel that as I ate a reasonable portion and didn't exactly go light with the toppings, I certainly shouldn't feel guilty about using them - especially considering I used to eat them plain or with the tiniest of toppings. 

The rice cakes I used specifically are the Kallo vanilla and blueberry rice and corn cakes. These were on offer in Lidl for 99p and I'm genuinely so sad they probably won't be there when I next do my weekly shop as they taste amazing, and the fact they are slightly purple is so cute.

I topped them with a layer of Alpro plain soy yoghurt, pomegranate and chia seeds. I typically go through one tub of Alpro yoghurt a week, so whatever flavour I buy will be used for all of my breakfasts for that week. 

Idea 4 - Granola, Yoghurt and Fruit Mix  (Type 2!)

Vegan Granola with yoghurt and fruit

Okay, so idea 4 was supposed to be one of my porridge variations, but sadly it spent sliiightly too long in the microwave and came out a lumpy unphotogenic mess. So I thought I'd share another granola bowl variation to show how easy they are to mix and change up.

In theory, this bowl should be vegan, however you may notice the singular white chocolate chip of from the leftover mix of my non-vegan granola. This obviously doesn't affect the recipe itself. 

In this particular bowl I have:
  • Alpro plain soy yoghurt
  • Persimmon slices
  • Pomegranates 
  • Chia seeds
  • A general granola mix
Again, this is such a super easy breakfast that takes seconds to chuck into a bowl, slightly longer if you're like me and want to make it gram-worthy.

Idea 5 - Pancakes with Strawberries and Persimmon!

Pancakes, with fruit and syrup

I suppose this one could be contended on how "easy" it is to make, but on a reasonably high energy day this took just under 20 mins and was such a treat! 

I won't lie, I didn't manage to make the full batch of pancakes, but I was certainly proud of the few pancakes I did make and eat, and even more proud of the adorable strawberry hearts.

The recipe was just a standard crepe style pancake recipe from BBC Good Food. Though I substituted dairy milk for soy, I did still use regular eggs, but I'm definitely going to try some entirely vegan pancake recipes in the future! I made these pancakes at the end of the week, and threw on some persimmons that needed using up - they actually tasted so good with the strawberries and syrup!

Well there you have it! My 5... 4 and a half easy breakfast ideas! I hope you enjoyed reading this
and I definitely hope you take some inspiration for your own breakfast ideas!

Take care and stay safe x

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