Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Vinted Haul (& Shopping sustainably!)

Hello my loves!

I know I'm coming at you with back to back hauls, but as I mentioned in my book haul post, I kind of went on a bit of a maintenance loan spending spree lol.

However, as a student who is usually broke most of the time, clothes shopping always comes with a hefty price tag, especially if you're trying your hardest to be sustainable and avoid fast fashion. So what I absolutely love about Vinted is how cheap and sustainable it makes shopping for new clothes. Vinted is an online platform like Shpock and Depop that allows you to buy second hand items, which not only slows your fashion footprint, but prevents unwanted clothes from entering landfill!

I'll ramble more about how much I love Vinted below, but without further ado here is a haul of what I got!

The nature of second-hand sites and slow fashion is to avoid going for labels, so naturally I won't provide links as to where to buy these items brand new, instead I'll describe what I searched for, the price I paid and what to keep an eye out for!

1. Cosy grey cardigan

First up is this adorable knit cardigan I got! I don't own any cardigans and figured it would be great to have one for those cooler summer days, early autumn, or simply just lounging about.

This cardigan was originally from a supermarket clothing brand, which if you haven't considered buying items from before you definitely should! The quality is often really good and as supermarket brands are often very affordable, its even cheaper to buy them second hand! 

Something to bear in mind is that shipping varies from seller to seller, and the cheapest option is always to get it delivered to a local pickup point which is usually a corner store or post office. This isn't always an option but shipping is often between 99p - £2.50 which is pretty affordable. 

I should note that Vinted also has a buyer protection fee which is usually under £1. Though this can be frustrating as it adds to the cost, I have first hand experience to say that Vinted are excellent when there is an issue. A seller did not respond to my order within the expected amount of time and without any fuss Vinted issued a refund that arrived in a few days. So the small protection fee is definitely worth it for any disputes or issues.

I paid £5 for the item, £2.39 for the shipping and 95p for the buyer protection coming to a total of £8.34.

2. Green gingham dress

I'm going to use this absolutely gorgeous dress as an opportunity to share some advice on "brandless" items. A lot of the time when a user avoids putting a brand, it can mean they are trying to sell a cheap or poorly made items on, sometimes even for more than they originally paid. 

If you see something you like the look of, but are worried it may be a poor quality brand, don't be afraid to message and ask! I understand some things may be second hand and have had the label cut out etc, but if a seller isn't cooperating that's often a sign the clothes aren't well made or charging too much.

This dress is one of those cases however where a little risk taking paid off. I messaged the seller about whether she knew the brand as she hasn't listed it. She said the tags were still on it but it was from an overseas seller and was an Asian brand she never had heard of. Though it seemed like it may have been a dress bought somewhere like Aliexpress, I took a chance and I'm so happy I did! The dress is stunning, super well made and fits me like a dream. Sometimes your gut instinct is the best thing to listen to! 

This dress was so so cheap at £5, £2.39 shipping and a 95p buyer protection, coming to a total of £8.34

3. Pull&bear black skinny jeans

I know I said I wouldn't include brands, but I just wanted to illustrate how cheap you can get things! Pull&bear jeans cost anywhere between £15 and £30, I got this pair for a total of £3.97. Insane.

(Also apologies that the jeans/trousers pics aren't showing the full item, I wish I had one of those hangers with the little clips but alas folded over will have to suffice).

4.  Two rib knit strappy crop-tops


With my tattoos coming up in summer, and for the general warm weather, I wanted to get some crop-tops and vest tops that I could pair with anything. Lucky for me this seller was two tops that were perfect! One is a light grey, the other black (though the sunshine makes it look more a charcoal grey).

I paid a total of £4.79 for these two tops!

5. Black gingham dress

Up next is another gingham dress (I own about 5 by this point ...) which is also a supermarket brand! This dress is amazing quality, was a steal at £6.07 total and even has pockets!

6. Black knitted dress

The jury is still out on whether I like this dress, the ruffles on the sleeves are a lot bigger than I was expecting (one of the cons of shopping via photos) but I think it will make a cute autumn dress with some tights and boots. If I don't end up liking it, it wasn't a huge loss at a total of £6.24.

7. Black jumper with faux shirt & polka-dot wide leg trousers


I put these two together as I purchased them in a bundle (which can often get you reduced offers). I am absolutely obsessed with the polka-dot trousers as they are SO comfy.

I usually hate those jumpers with the little fake shirt trip but for some reason I really really liked this one. I think it's geeky looking but in a cute way, and the shirt trim is actually made out of a thick shirt material, not that awful slippy blouse material that makes my teeth hurt when I touch it lol.

These two items came to a total of £4.32

8. Faux sheepskin and wool black coat

Finally, is this gorgeous vintage coat that I bought for the cooler months. This was the most expensive purchase, but for a true vintage coat that is such amazing quality I was more than happy to pay the total of £16.22.

As much as I love this coat I may sadly have to sell it on, as it's a little bit big on me :( However I'm still debating if I just say fuck it and rock the year-7-with-a-blazer-they'll-grow-into look as I love this coat SO much.

The grand total?

For a total of £64.82 I got 10 items, which were all either brand new with tags or hardly worn! That averages to about £6.40 per item, which when you think about a brand like Topshop, H&M, Pull&bear etc where all items are typically £10 and up, I've gotten a huge amount of clothes for the price I paid.

Not everything you buy second-hand will be a win, but to be able to get some great clothes for a fraction of the price, and not feel guilty about supporting a fast-fashion brand is certainly enough of an incentive to try out some second-hand and sustainable approaches shopping!

That concludes this second-hand clothing haul. I hope you feel somewhat motivated to give second-hand shopping a go, you never know what gems you may find!

Take care and stay safe x

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