Saturday, April 16, 2022

Psst ... I'm Still Here!

Hello my loves!

Just a small post to say that I am in fact still alive (just about anyway) and that I really appreciate your patience with me and my lack of activity on here. It's been a challenging couple of months mentally, which means I've had to focus what little energy I have on my studies and my job. Things are starting to clear up however and I have a long long loooong list of posts that I'm ready to write! 

It's also absolutely insane that I've still managed to gain another 2k views since my last post in February. Seeing that little dial turn genuinely means so much to me and I'm blown away at how many of you are still checking in on here despite my inactivity - thank you!

I can't wait to be posting again soon, and I look forward to seeing you all there too <3

Take care x

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