January in Songs

I've been wanting to make a series of posts about what I've been listening each month for quite a while, but I decided to wait until January so I could have a full year of posts. Now that February has come around (alarmingly fast) here is the first post! I have a very broad taste in music so there's pretty much nothing I won't listen to, but I'm interested to see if there's any noticeable patterns or trends in the kind of music I'm listening to throughout the year - we'll have to see! 

These songs have mostly been taken from my 'On Repeat' playlist on Spotify, as that actually keeps track of what you've been playing over the last 30 days. However not all of the songs make it on there in time for the end of the month, so I'm also including songs I personally noticed I was enjoying a lot. I'm not sure how many to include, I was thinking maybe 15 or so, with the last 3 being my favourite for that month? We'll start with that and see how it goes.

January has really been the month for emo-revival with new Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Pierce the Veil songs, and I willingly and unapologetically let myself be dragged back into my emo phase (just kidding, I never left it). I also rediscovered my love for Birdy, so she makes a couple appearances here, and as I expect will be the case in every playlist my all time favourite band, Daughter, will feature several times.

Alongside that, I think it's mostly been a pretty large mix of alt-rock, pop-punk and indie, which I'd say are the genres I listen to the most. Anyway I'll stop rambling, here's the playlist:
  1. Someone To Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  2. It's a Frog's World - Mourn
  3. Emergency Contact - Pierce the Veil
  4. Love From the Other Side - Fall Out Boy
  5. Heartbreak Feels So Good - Fall Out Boy // I am unbelievably excited for their new album, especially as these two songs sound much more like old Fall Out Boy.
  6. Everlong - Foo Fighters
  7. Wings - Birdy
  8. Standing in the Way of the Light - Birdy
  9. Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol // A real throw-back for tween me right here.
  10. Occasionally - Lydia Luce
  11. A Hole in the Earth - Daughter // Despite being a massive Daughter fan I have no recollection of hearing this song before? I'm glad I have now because I absolutely LOVE it.
  12. The Dazzler - Ex:Re // This is the solo project of Elena Tonra, the singer of Daughter! The specific version of this song I was listening to is from the 12 Ensemble album, which is her 2018 album with an orchestral accompaniment, it's absolutely stunning. 
  13. The Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit
  14. Painkillers - Rainbow Kitten Surprise // This was actually the first song I listened too in 2023!
  15. Be On Your Way - Daughter // I think I have the lyrics to this song permanently etched into my brain now. This is the first single for their upcoming album in April and I'm SO EXCITED.

Some of these songs are quite sad and sombre, while others feel like they encapsulate hope in both lyrics and sound. I think this is quite fitting for January and slowly making it through the darkest weeks of the year. Now if you haven't already, go listen to all of Daughter/Ex:Re's music. Do it. Do it now.

Take care and see you in the next post x


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