New Beginnings ... (restarting ConnectingCait)

Hi lovelies,

... well this is a bit different isn't it? Do you like what I've done with the place? Long story short, I needed a change on this blog. I just really wasn't enjoying the previous layout anymore as it was a very chaotic mixed-bag of both writing and aesthetic styles, and those damn thumbnails would take me so long. I've opted for something much more simple and sleek and I'm already loving it (except I need a photo at the start of each post and didn't have one relevant for this, so here's a giant photo of my face).

I've been thinking more about the kind of content I want to put out into the world, and I've decided I'd like the blog to have a much more introspective, anecdotal tone. I think this is partly because I felt I wasn't writing anything for myself despite that being my original reason for starting a blog way back in 2020. Don't get me wrong, my posts are still intended for others to read and enjoy, but I wanted to ease off the pressure of feeling like I was writing for an audience and therefore it had to be perfect and polished. Sometimes it may simply be a word-vomit of my thoughts on here, and that's okay!

My old posts aren't gone completely, they are currently just archived. I've kept a couple up just so that the web format still works, but I might slowly introduce a few old posts as reuploads, or have a bit of a shuffle around. Feel free to comment or contact me if there's any specific posts you'd like to see reuploaded. 

I'm feeling really good about this change, and can't wait to start making content again.

Take care and see you in the next post x


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