*2021 Update* Hey there! Welcome to ConnectingCait, my little corner of the internet where I'd like to share my journey through university and beyond. In September 2020 I started my four year degree in Philosophy and German at the University of Edinburgh. I am beyond thrilled to be here and loving every second of my degree!

Engaging in activism both on my blog and in person, I *think* after I finish my undergrad I'd like to consolidate my love for advocacy and helping others by heading into law via a masters and law conversion - ideally a masters relating to human rights or international law! 

This idea isn't set in stone however, all I know is I want to work somewhere that will make a genuine difference to people's lives, whether that's via law, working at an NGO or something entirely different! I like to think that keeping all possible doors open will lead to a much more enjoyable experience, after all the adventure of getting there is half the fun.

I hope this blog will paint a picture of my journey into my 20s, and I don't mean just book reviews and shopping hauls, but actually contain some insight into my thoughts, experiences and emotions, not only for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy or relate to - but also as something for me to look back on down the line.

That's all I can really think of writing at the moment! I'll be sure to update this page throughout the year with any big changes, but in the mean time why don't you check out some of my posts, or check out my Instagram @caitndaly & Twitter @connectingcait

Take care x

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